IMA is headquartered in Denver, CO with additional offices throughout the United States.  IMA is an advisor to the mortgage industry specializing in the valuation, accounting, trading and purchasing of mortgage servicing rights, whole loans and REO assets.   


IMA is a full-service advisory firm focused solely on the finance, mortgage and lending industry.   As a transactional broker and advisor, IMA has managed and participated in excess of $2 Trillion of principal balance servicing & whole loan sales and transfers, and over $100 trillion of principal balance loan and servicing portfolio valuations.  IMA has a strong market presence that offers exceptional market knowledge, broad transaction experience, and a diverse network of relationships.  Our network of industry contacts includes financial institutions of all sizes and geographic locations, including large commercial banks, both private and public mortgage companies, Credit Unions, depository institutions, and institutional investors. This network creates a broad spectrum of diversity and experience with companies following unique and effective asset management strategies.


The founding principles of IMA hinge on maintaining a strongly integrated team of highly skilled and experienced personnel with one common goal: to create and maintain optimal execution in any given market environment while facilitating a smooth transaction for our clients.




 Bulk Servicing Transactions – Buyer/Seller representation                                                    MSR Analytics services

 Flow Servicing Transactions – Buyer/Seller representation                                                    Best Execution Analysis

 Advisor to Agencies, FDIC, OTS                                                                                                    Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

 Unique Servicing Arrangements                                                                                                  MSR Transaction Management

 Comprehensive analysis for sales/purchase selection                                                            Whole Loan Trading Services

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