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Bulk & Flow Trading Services

IMA provides trading and advisory services for all types of Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) and Whole Loans.  As a successful advisor of these assets for over 29 years, our team of professionals can assist your institution with all of your transaction needs.   As a full-service advisory firm focused solely on the mortgage industry, IMA leverages the expertise of its staff to develop an impressive resume of advisory work in a variety of service areas. IMA has managed over $2 trillion in UPB involving the purchase and sale of MSR’s and Whole Loans and over 1,500 yearly portfolio valuations.


IMA's Trading Services' objective is to enable lenders to continuously optimize the liquidity, value and returns of their mortgage assets.  Our strength is our experienced trading and analytics teams working together as one and seeking to provide:

  • Efficient Transactions for both bulk and co-issue sell side and buy side representation

  • Best execution pricing and analysis

  • MSR hedging solutions

  • Analysis of co-issue vs. aggregator executions

  • Pipeline optimization for pricing and execution

  • Experienced advisory support in the decision to distribute or retain MSR assets

  • Customized strategies designed to produce higher yields and less volatility

  • Comprehensive transaction management

  • End-to-end compliance support and oversight


Much of IMA's success in obtaining and fulfilling transaction-related engagements is attributed to its experience and expertise in all phases of the transaction process including analysis, deal structure, marketing, and negotiations. This proven success and in-depth understanding of the valuation process and interacting market dynamics drives IMA's brokerage and valuation practices.

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